Meet Our Ambassadors: Jim and Shirley Seabrook

Beyond their wildest dreams.

Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Jim and Shirley Seabrook of the farming community of Leongatha, Victoria, in Australia, attribute their success to believing in the Reliv Success System, setting goals and being determined to achieve them. “We set the goal at the start of 2003 to make Presidential during the year, and receiving a check for over AUS $18,000 in October proved what real determination can do,” Shirley says.

Before Reliv, Jim worked away from home two to three months a year shearing sheep. Shirley worked part-time as a teacher. “With six children and no spare cash, everything we did was on a budget,” Shirley recalls.

The couple knew there had to be a better way. They discovered Reliv in 1994 and Jim saw the business potential immediately. They went Master Affiliate their first month and have worked the business consistently every day since.

“With Reliv, we’ve met some wonderful people, enjoyed fantastic rewards including trips to Fiji, United Kingdom, Bali, and two trips to the USA, plus many cash bonuses, including one for an extraordinary AUS $10,000,” says Jim, who has also earned a record 20 Humanitarian Awards. “On top of this we have an incredible international business with customers and downline in six countries.

“We’re living a lifestyle beyond our wildest dreams, and it’s getting better all the time,” he adds. “Goal setting works.”