Meet Our Ambassadors: Jill and Brett Brase

Brase20070503Reliv gives choices, family freedom.

Jill Brase of Fort Collins, Colorado, knew when she held her first baby that she wasn’t going to be able to return to teaching. She couldn’t stand the thought of paying someone else to care for her child each day.

Within five years, Jill and her husband Brett were blessed with two more children and her desire to stay home grew stronger. However, both agreed that when their youngest child started school, Jill needed to return to work to help support the family financially.“After being home for 13 years, I really didn’t want to go back to teaching,” she explains. “It’s not that I didn’t want to work, I just wanted to continue to be available when my kids needed me.”

Better Health, Then Hope
A friend in Columbus, Nebraska, introduced Jill to Reliv, hoping the products would help boost her energy. Jill was so satisfied with the products that she quickly took a closer look at the business opportunity.
“I was impressed by what I saw in Reliv,” she explains. “The ethics and integrity of the company ‘wowed’ me. And I really loved the people I’d met through Reliv.”The closer she looked at the business opportunity, Jill says, the more she began to believe that she could be a part of Reliv. Within four weeks of starting the products, she became a Distributor.

Proven System Proof Enough
Jill says that the most important lesson she learned early was to be teachable. “My upline encouraged me to do something every day,” she says. “Because my family remained my number one priority, some days I didn’t have as much time as other days — but I worked every day.”
By plugging into the System consistently, talking to new people each day and supporting her growing downline, Jill earned $35,000 her first year. “I earned more my first year with Reliv than I ever did as a teacher,” she says. “Our hope soared as we began to see what was possible.”

It Really Is That Simple
One of the biggest obstacles I struggled with my first year was realizing that this business is not about me,” Jill explains. “The crux of the business is getting myself out of the picture as quickly as possible and connecting people to stories.”

When she realized how simple it is to share Reliv, it was like a light went on.

“Once you master the art of connecting one person to another person’s story, it really is a simple business,” she adds. Simple, however, does not mean easy. Overcoming obstacles is part of everyone’s business. Jill believes that the trick is learning from those difficult times and then quickly moving on. “If you really want to help other people, quitting is not an option,” she explains.

A Rolling Stone Phenomenon
With their six-figure Reliv income, the Brases have been able to make many choices that would not have been options previously: Building a business around their family, enabling their children to attend private schools and relocating to Colorado.
Brett explains, “We are passionate about helping other people have choices in their lives. And, each time we sponsor one person in Reliv, we open the doors to potentially hundreds of other people. It’s truly amazing.”

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