Meet Our Ambassadors: Jerry and Patty Foote

Foote3Fresh Focus, Genuine Vision Produce Golden Opportunities

Gold Ambassadors Jerry and Patty Foote of St. George, Utah, are a great example of what can happen when new Distributors are quick to catch the vision of Reliv.
“Within three weeks of becoming Master Affiliates, we had 60 people on the Reliv products,” Patty states. “Four months into our business, our pipe was full, and we opened a brand-new Reliv area. And, our seventh month with Relìv, we earned $11,000 in all forms of income!”

These days, as they take their organization to higher and higher levels, the Footes are more focused than ever on setting definite goals with their business and developing the most effective strategies for achieving them.

“We’ve discovered that, by mapping out our strategy around those people and areas with the most potential for growth, we are most effective in building leaders within our organization,” Jerry explains.

The Footes urge the leaders within their organization — along with everyone else looking to build a Reliv organization — to “discover every part of the Reliv System as quickly as possible.”

“Mastering the entire Reliv Success System, while following the lead of your upline with a grateful heart, allows you to grow from an apprentice to a journeyman and create momentum that will bless your business indefinitely,” Jerry explains. “And the sooner you fall in love with Reliv and the more you connect with their mission to nourish our world, the sooner you will build a business and the more rapidly it will grow!

“Achieving these higher levels with Reliv has allowed us to see more clearly the vision upheld by [Reliv Chairman, President and CEO] Robert and Sandy Montgomery and other great leaders in the company,” Jerry states. “And the closer we get to capturing the true vision of Reliv, the more we discover just how awesome it really is!”

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