Meet Our Ambassadors: Jennifer Weaver

Jennifer Weaver(1)Building an international business.

Bronze  Ambassador Jennifer Weaver from Bloomfield, MI says Reliv came along around the same time her position as an aerobics studio owner was becoming unmanageable.

“When I had kids, I left my corporate job to be a stay-at-home mom. For extra income, I franchised an aerobics studio,” explains Jennifer. “But overhead cost, accounting and scheduling soon began to interfere with family commitments.”

An Eye-Opener

Jennifer began working with Reliv part-time. “By the time I sold my aerobic franchise, I was making more money in Reliv part-time than I was full-time at the studio,” says Jennifer. “The month I sold the studio, I made more in Reliv than ever, and replaced my former corporate salary. It was a real eye-opener that I could make money doing something I love doing.”

Since joining Reliv, Jennifer has traveled more with her family. “Our travel destinations are places we’ve always dreamed about, and we visit my husband’s family in France every summer,” says Jennifer.

French Connection

With Jennifer’s family connection, she began exploring the possibility of bringing Reliv to France. She now has French Distributors in her organization. “It was an amazing personal growth experience to work with Distributors in another country. I learned what it means to be part of a truly international company.”

Jennifer’s family continues to reap the many benefits of the Reliv business opportunity. “The income helps us provide a better educational experience for my children,” she says. Jennifer also sets her own schedule so she is home every day when her children get home from school.

Jennifer adds, “My Reliv business fits my goals and what I envisioned my family life to be. It feels wonderful to be my own boss!”