Meet Our Ambassadors: Jan and Michael Sheffield

Sheffields2Realizing every life is valuable.

Bronze Ambassadors Jan and Michael Sheffield of Marietta, Georgia, had five children when they started Reliv in 2001. Michael worked in assisted living and Jan was homeschooling.
“One of us needed to be home with the kids and we had been looking for a home-based business,” Jan explains. “We never made more than $60 in a month at any other business until we found Reliv. After becoming Master Affiliates, we earned $800 our first six weeks in the business.”
The Sheffields and their family and friends got great results on Reliv. But Jan admits that she didn’t have the vision or confidence in how big they could grow this business at the start. “Until two years ago, my best month was $1,400,” she says. “We saw others making significant money and knew it could be done, but didn’t see it for ourselves.”

The couple became guardians of their 7-month-old granddaughter in 2007 and Jan quit working outside the home. She was determined to put more effort into Reliv and give stability to Julianna. “I worked with more purpose,” Jan says. “I was confident when sharing our products and company, and very committed to the System. I became bold and talked to more people.”
In January 2009, Michael was laid off from Home Depot, and although he found another job, he has decided to do whatever it takes to work Reliv full-time with Jan.
“The past year our Reliv miracle came true,” Michael says. “Our best month to date has been $6,400. I can’t wait to be a stay-at-home Poppy.”
The Sheffields urge new Distributors to plug into the System, attend special events, speak with conviction and ask for referrals. Jan adds: “Realizing Every Life Is Valuable is the principle that drives us to share Hope in a Can.”