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Meet Our Ambassadors: Hubert and Robin Washington

WashingtonMaking their dreams come true.

Presidential Bronze Ambassadors Hubert and Robin Washington of Union City, California, made certain they never lost sight of their goal to reach Presidential — decorating their home with special signs that read, “Go for the Ring — Presidential Director!”

“They were everywhere — on the refrigerator, our desk, even in the bathroom!” Hubert laughs. “But that’s the way you turn a dream into a goal: by writing it down and keeping it in front of you.”

“We did not, however, achieve our goal by ourselves,” Robin says. “Our success is the result of a lot of people in our organization doing a little at a time, a few people doing a lot, and a strong determination to succeed.”

“Now we’re excited about our next goal,” Hubert says, “retiring me from the corporate world!”

“It’s our hope that, through our success, others will be inspired to go after their dreams,” Robin adds. “And to hang on until their dreams become real!”

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