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Meet Our Ambassadors: Graig and Teresa VanVeen

Young Ambassadors hails power of consistency.

Teresa Van Veen of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, started her Reliv career on a very part-time basis while attending university. After completing her degree in Kinesiology, she worked as a customer service representative, retiring three years later to work Reliv full time.

“Reliv gives me the opportunity to work from home and still be connected to my field of study,” Teresa says. “And now with our first child on the way, it will be wonderful to be home for my family and work around my own schedule.”

Teresa has always found it easy to talk to people about the health benefits of Reliv. “People are very nutrition-conscious today,” Teresa says. “Even people who are still relatively young and without health issues, recognize that they need proper nutrition to maintain their hectic lifestyles and prevent illness.”

In her first few of years as a Distributor, Teresa slowly built her Reliv business around a product-focused approach. “I didn’t realize the power of the Reliv business opportunity initially,” she recalls. “But after attending an international conference, I saw the strength of the Reliv company and compensation plan, and talking about the business no longer intimidated me. I knew that this was a company that I would be proud to represent as an Ambassador.”

Since then, Teresa has steadily built her organization, working closely with her parents, Bronze Ambassadors Daan and Jeanette Vanderwal, who are in her downline, as a focused team. She places a lot of emphasis on using the local and worldwide Reliv Success System of impending events to move her business forward.

“The key to this business is consistency,” she explains. “Talk to people every day and let them know about the fun and success you’re having with Reliv. If you work consistently, taking advantage of the training and support system Reliv offers, you will succeed.”
She adds, “If you have fun with your business and love what you do, people respond!”

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