Meet Our Ambassadors: Florence and Elo Sauder

Sauder2A change in life thanks to Reliv.

Headaches, neck and shoulder pain and high cholesterol plagued Florence Sauder of Wallenstein, Ontario, for years. Her husband Elo was dealing with high blood pressure and stress.

When someone encouraged them to try Reliv, Florence says the results they experienced changed them from the inside out. “My aches and pains are no longer an issue, and my cholesterol is now in the normal range,” she explains. “I get up in the morning feeling refreshed.”

Up For a Challenge

People around Florence began to notice the difference, too. And, although she and Elo run a small business and juggle other obligations, as well as enjoy their 23 grandchildren, she still shares Reliv.

In January 2009 she got serious about growing her Reliv business. “I really began to focus on teaching and supporting my Distributors,” she says. “I use the weekly meetings, special events, international conferences and three-way calls. But I’m most passionate about meeting people face-to-face.”

Following up with new customers and Distributors is especially important for Florence. “People can get lost if you’re not walking beside them in the early months,” she says. “They have questions, and you need to be available to provide answers and support.”

Her approach to the business has paid off. In February 2010 she and Elo earned their place as Reliv Ambassadors.

It’s Not About the Money

Although she enjoys the Reliv business and is earning a substantial income working just part-time, Florence says her motivation is helping to change people’s lives. Reaching Ambassador is one more way to measure her success in doing exactly that.

“With good nutrition, you feel better and are able to be happy,” she says. “Sharing that is worth everything. We thank the Lord for this wonderful privilege.”

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