Meet Our Ambassadors: Eleanor and Albert Wee

Building momentum.

Just six months after reaching Senior Director, Albert and Eleanor Wee of Victoria, Australia, became Bronze Ambassadors. “Reliv is an exciting business and although it takes time and effort to develop, Eleanor and I have seen that by supporting our downline, the momentum keeps building,” Albert says.

Albert was already earning a good living from the successful software development company he’d run for almost 16 years. Constant travel, however, took him away from his family. He saw Reliv’s expansion into Asia as an opportunity to change his lifestyle, and Albert began to look seriously at the business 15 months ago.

“I am still able to travel with Reliv but the difference is that I make the choice when and where I travel,” Albert says. “I take a member of my family with me, and now have time to spend with them and relax.

“Compared to the corporate world I was used to, Reliv is like a breath of fresh air,” he continues. “Though I work hard, the pressure isn’t there.

“We’re earning a good income for our efforts and enjoying cash bonuses and exotic overseas trips along the way,” Albert adds. “Our income allows us the freedom to go to places we haven’t been, build our business and enjoy the experiences. Now when we travel, it feels more like a holiday than work.”

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