Meet Our Ambassadors: Donna and John Vandenacre

Living the life (and lifestyle) they never dreamed.

Good things keep happening for Reliv Bronze Ambassador Donna Vandenacre, and her husband John. Just one year after qualifying as Ambassadors, the two hit Bronze Ambassador in February 2008, and Donna is still amazed at the turnaround their lives have taken since they started taking the Reliv products and launched a business of their own. The Vandenacre’s unforgettable Reliv story is often compared to that of Lazarus from the Bible. A tragic horse accident ten years ago left John with a serious closed head injury that damaged his memory and caused frequent seizures. As his health and spirits declined, Donna, who served as his primary caregiver, was also struggling with low energy and stress. They both experienced wonderful results with the products.

Today, John is back at working the horse leasing business he loves so much, something neither he nor Donna ever expected. The couple has been able to recover from the $22,000 in medical debt they incurred during John’s illness, and they’ve been able to avoid selling their land. The personal growth Donna has enjoyed still amazes her

“Reliv has really brought me out of my shell,” she says. “It is very rewarding to help others. We’ve been able to help a lot of people who really want to be Reliv leaders. It’s such a neat thing to find out their needs and show them what Reliv can do, both with the products and the business.

Donna has really enjoyed sharing her Reliv success with others, especially her two grandsons, Shannon and Braden, who accompanied her on a Reliv trip to Disney World.


“This was the kind of trip we would never have been able to take before Reliv,” Donna says. “The boys enjoyed themselves so much and even had the chance to personally thank [Reliv President, Chairman and CEO] Bob Montgomery, who took the time to make the moment so personal. We’ll never forget it.”

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