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Meet Our Ambassadors: Dennis and Valerie Vacha

VachaConstructing a better life.

For 24 years, Dennis Vacha of Fort Collins, Colorado, owned his own construction company. But according to Dennis, it was actually the company that owned him. “It dominated my life,” he admits. “There were so many things we wanted to do, but I never had the time. We weren’t living; we were existing.”
In 2002, health problems forced his absence from work, which ended up costing his company — and his family—$30,000 a month. It was then that his wife, Valerie, encouraged Dennis to give Reliv a try. Once they saw the remarkable improvement in Dennis’ health, they became Master Affiliates two weeks later.

The Vachas have since developed a thriving Reliv business, becoming Presidential Directors in August 2006. And the only things Dennis is building these days are other people’s lives. “This accomplishment represents success for so many others, and that’s really the key,” Dennis explains. “With Reliv, if you set out to help others, you can’t help but succeed.”

This past year, Dennis, Valerie and their two children moved to Fort Collins, a place where they had always dreamed of living. They have grown much closer as a family and are excited about what lies ahead. “Reliv has given us health, financial stability and more time with each other,” Valerie says. “Really, it has given us a future.”

“Success with Reliv requires that you start dreaming again, and then commit to letting nothing stop you from achieving that dream,” Dennis adds. “That’s exactly how our dreams came true.”

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