Meet Our Ambassadors: David Schell

Sponsoring multiplies benefits.

Ask Bronze Ambassador David Schell how to make money with Reliv and he’ll tell you to sponsor and duplicate. And he should know – he spent his first two years as a Reliv Distributor concentrating on retail and wholesale and made little progress in building his distributorship. Then Four-time Platinum Ambassador Tom Pinnock came to town.

“I heard Tom explain the power of Generation Royalties and it was like a light when on,” David explains. “All of a sudden I realized that it made a lot more sense to get to the top profit level quickly and lead with the business.”

That news was particularly appealing to David, who’s been an architect for 25 years. His architectural firm was burning him out with the 60-70 hour weeks he worked. In addition, the work was cyclical and he was $80,000 in debt.

“Reliv was a way to smooth out the financial aspects of the architectural cycle,” he says. “Early on, my goal with Reliv was to earn an extra few hundred dollars a month. But, after sponsoring a few business builders, I began to reap the benefits of network marketing and really got excited. As my Downline advanced – so did I.”

David relocated from San Francisco to Orlando in 2002 to care for his mother, and immediately began plugging into the local Success System. He continued leading with the business and spending time with successful Distributors.

“I’m always listening for opportunities to talk about Reliv,” he says. “People often complain about their jobs, lack of money or their health,” he explains. “And when they’re done talking, I ask them: What would you rather be doing? How would you like your life to be different? All answers lead to Reliv.”

David says he expects to pay off the remainder of his debt this year – thanks to Reliv. He adds, “I am proud to represent Reliv and in my heart consider this company my home.”

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