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Meet Our Ambassadors: Dan and B.J. Stussy

StussyPerseverance pays off for military man.

When new Bronze Ambassador Dan Stussy of Bellevue, NE, first heard about Reliv, he thought it was a scam. “I’d been involved in other network marketing companies and I was pretty skeptical about the whole thing,” he recalls. He learned about Reliv at a shake party he attended in Chicago with his mother. Dan agreed to try the products “fully expecting to get my money back in 30 days.” To his surprise, he got results with stress, caffeine cravings and fatigue within 3 ½ weeks.

When he went to place a second order, he discovered there were no Distributors within hundreds of miles of him. So, he became a Distributor himself. A few months later, his upline, Silver Ambassador Michelle Nesbit of Atlanta, invited him to attend a Reliv conference. “I fell in love with the company and placed my Master order on the way home,” he says.

That was seven years ago. During that time, this Air Force Technical Sergeant has worked the business slowly but consistently, getting friends and family involved as he fits Reliv around his demanding military career. “Reliv has allowed me to be successful and grow at my own pace,” Dan says. “Over time, my ‘whys’ have changed. When my first daughter was born, we loved the idea of family freedom and were able to bring my wife B.J. home from her corporate job.”

Now, with two years left in his 20-year military career, and a business that’s taking off because of downline Distributors who have caught the Reliv vision as well, Dan’s newest goal is to achieve Presidential Ambassador and Inner Circle by the time he retires.

“Succeeding in Reliv is all about not quitting,” Dan says. “We’ve been successful in spite of all our excuses because we stuck with it. We’re proof that perseverance pays off. And we’re growing because we have a success story that other people can believe in, too.”

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