Meet Our Ambassadors: Dan and Fern Utz

Fern and Dan Utz

Presidential Directors Dan and Fern Utz of Hicksville, Ohio, have traveled a long road with Reliv. “We had used Reliv products years ago, but just kind of fell away,” Fern says. “I was feeling really run-down and we sorely needed some extra income — I had no idea we would find both in the same place!”

Dan, however, wasn’t sold on the business at first. “I thought I saw a conflict in my life. I’m a professional guitarist and I operate a prison ministry that involves a lot of fund raising. I wasn’t sure it was right to be out there selling Reliv as I was raising money.”

Dan finally overcame his reluctance when he learned more about Reliv. “I saw a company committed to helping others achieve health and financial independence and that really resonated with me.” With both Dan and Fern involved, their Reliv income grew from a couple hundred dollars a month to over a $1,000 a month. “It was an awesome opportunity to give people hope, health and financial freedom,” Dan says.

Their involvement with Reliv has also allowed them to continue in their ministries, which helps them reach more people. “We share Reliv wherever we go,” he says.

They also appreciate the financial freedom that has come with their business. This May, the oldest of their daughters married. “Reliv was a big part of that, knowing we have financial stability,” Dan says. The money from the business is also helping them plan and leave “dream room” for the future. “I think I’m going to do music the rest of my life, [and] I have the financial stability [to do that],” he says.

As they look to the future, their vision is clear: “We’re looking forward to impacting more people.”