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Meet Our Ambassadors: Caryn Treister

Catching the vision.

For years, Reliv Bronze Ambassador Caryn Treister of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, was content with the $1,500 or so she earned each month with Reliv.

“I wasn’t looking for a business at first,” Caryn says. “But, because of my great results with the products, I started doing Reliv about 10 hours per week. And my eighth month of sharing Reliv with family members and clients, and sponsoring others in the business, I earned $3,000 in all forms of income and reached Key Director. That got me very excited!”

Caryn notes that, at that time, there wasn’t a Reliv System in her area. “I thought that, if I could get this far without a local System, just imagine what I could do if we set up one up,” she recalls. “So that’s what we did! We set up a System and, within a year, started seeing a lot of activity within our organization – people moving up levels and incomes starting to rise!”

By the time the Reliv Leadership Celebration in Lake Las Vegas rolled around in September of 2005, Caryn was a Master Director.

“I came home from that trip really excited about the possibility of reaching Ambassador and helping others move up, as well,” Caryn says. “And what happened was my business just exploded. By October, I’d moved up two levels to Bronze Ambassador!

“Ambassador is a level that everyone at Reliv looks up to, and I’m thrilled to be here,” she continues. “I look forward to traveling and presenting as a Reliv Ambassador.

“As for the future, my goal is to own a second home one day and reach new levels, by getting all the people I care about in the business with me and helping them achieve what I have,” Caryn adds. “I’m dreaming again, and it’s exciting!”


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