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Meet Our Ambassadors: Bunny Bothwell

Working around the fun.

Reliv Bronze Ambassador Bunny Bothwell, of Faith, South Dakota, says she has to pinch herself when she thinks about all of the amazing changes that have taken place in her life with Reliv.

“Seriously, I work out of my home, around my fun!” she says with a laugh. “I’ve got my cell phone in my pocket and I do 3-way calls while on horseback. One day, I did eleven calls that way!”

Life and work hasn’t always been so fun for Bunny, a former teacher and principal who accrued more than $50,000 in debt pursuing alternative treatments for breast and liver cancer before she found Reliv. Today, she’s cancer-free and glad she took the leap of faith last year to walk away from her job to start her Reliv business.

“I had 32¢ in my checkbook, but within three weeks, I earned $6,500 with Reliv,” she recalls. “I didn’t have to say much. People just saw the change in me and wanted to know about this company. I consider Reliv a gift, and I want to share it.”

Bunny’s parents, Reliv Ambassadors Dale and Polly Vander Vorst, of Trail City, South Dakota, were among the first to learn their daughter’s story. Today, Bunny finds herself even more moved by the changes her parents have experienced thanks to Reliv. A horse injury had reduced Dale to the communication skills of an 18-month-old. After seven years of frustration, stress and near financial ruin, he and Polly nearly lost their ranch. But they tried Reliv and as Bunny puts it, “I have my Dad back and Mom has her husband back. She credits her parents for her own success with the company.

“They are the reason I’m a Bronze Ambassador,” she says. “My mom has just found so much self-worth and identity with Reliv. Now, she’s making as much money as I do!”

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