Meet Our Ambassadors: Betsy and Roberto Tenchavez

Rising to the challenge.

When Betsy Tenchavez of White Plains, Quezon City in The Philippines, first discovered Reliv, it was neither the business potential nor the health opportunity she was after.

“I’d been looking for a way to lose weight,” Betsy recalls. “So when I saw my friend and former classmate (Reliv Bronze Ambassador) Rose Blancaflor at church, looking more beautiful and physically fit than when we’d attended school together, I asked her for her secret.”

Interested in learning more about Rose’s “secret,” Betsy met with Gold Ambassadors Raul and Aurora Paredes. “They told me about Reliv and shared their story,” she recalls. “Being ‘gullible’, as my husband, Roberto, believed at the time, I signed on as a Master Affiliate.

“My husband has always provided very well for me,” Betsy says. “Yet after hearing others share their stories of how they’d achieved their life’s dreams with Reliv inspired me to believe that if they could do it, then so could I! I became challenged by the idea of helping others improve their health and wealth with Reliv. And I wanted to prove to my children and myself that you can achieve your goals through hard work, perseverance and a consistent focus. One year later, I achieved my dream of becoming an Ambassador!”

Betsy tells those who are interested in building a Reliv business to set a goal for the number of people that they must talk to by the end of each day. “Do not prejudge,” she stresses. “There’s no way to tell whether someone will be interested in Reliv until you talk to them.”

Betsy also emphasizes the importance of keeping in close touch with both Distributors and customers, alike. She recalls one of her own customers who, after receiving Betsy’s e-mail messages for the past ten months, recently became a Master Affiliate. “She sent me an e-mail message,” Betsy recalls. “And it said, ‘Thanks for not giving up on me. I think I’ll start working now’!”

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