Meet Our Ambassadors: Angela and Fred Williamson

Extraordinary achievement.

On their journey to Presidential Ambassador, Angela and Fred Williamson of Paranaque City, Philippines, chose the straight and narrow path — avoiding pitfalls and detours along the way.

“I found good leaders early on and, consequently, advanced to Master Director within six months of starting our business,” Angela says. “And our business really took off last January — when I began to lead with the business and focus on those people who not only were needing my time, but deserving of it, as well.”

By the following March, the Williamsons had advanced from Master Director to Presidential Ambassador — with a downline consisting entirely of Senior and Key Directors.

“We had no network marketing experience before Relìv,” Angela says. “We simply used the Relìv Success System methodically and consistently. And we listened to our upline, Silver Ambassador Daan Vanderwal, and didn’t take shortcuts.
“Consequently, we’ve built a sound network with consistent results,” she adds. “Ours is an organization with a lot of ordinary people doing extraordinary things!”

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