Meet Our Ambassadors: Andrea and Brad Rogers

RogersAt home with Reliv.

Andrea and Brad Rogers of Avondale, Arizona, dreamed of raising their children together as stay-at-home parents. And their dream came true last April when, at age 28, Brad left his corporate management job to join Andrea full-time with Reliv.

“We believe God has credited us with a certain amount of time on Earth,” Brad says. “We’re so grateful for the opportunity to spend the time we have on what is most important to us – family, friends and helping others – rather than working for someone else.”

As committed to their business as Brad is today, and as driven as he was to find a way to come home to his family, there was once a time when Brad would have nothing to do with Reliv.

“He saw it only as a hobby of mine,” notes Andrea who, on the contrary, treated Reliv like a business – albeit a part-time one – from the start.

“I worked Reliv during my son’s naptime and the occasional children’s video,” she says. “But I worked smart – grabbing hold of my upline, making myself very teachable, and staying faithful to the Reliv Success System.”

Andrea also set a goal: to place in the top three in the Momentum Volume Bonus promotion.

“I put close to 30 people in front of my upline that month,” Andrea recalls. “As a result, I wound up reaching my goal and earning $5,900 in all forms of Reliv income!”

“I had no idea what Andrea had until then,” Brad adds. “There she was, three months into her ‘hobby’, with a monthly paycheck higher than the one I earned from my corporate job!”

These days, the Rogers continue to reach new goals in their business together – most recently that of Reliv Ambassador.

“It’s incredible to think that, this early in our life, we’ve found a business that will enable us to always be there for our family,” Brad says. “Reliv has given us the gift of time, and you just can’t put a price tag on that.”

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