Meet Our Ambassadors: Amy and Mark Thomas

Amy and Mark Thomas Image

 An incredible journey.

 Amy Thomas was in middle management in the  computer industry when she had her first child. She  knew she didn’t want to stay in the corporate world and  wanted to find some other way to supplement their  income. “We joked about me finding a flexible job I  could work from home and make lots of money – not  really believing there was such a thing!” she says.

When they learned about Reliv, Amy’s pastor husband, Mark, knew right away it was a perfect fit. “Mark is a numbers guy and saw that the marketing plan described what we had joked about,” Amy says. “It was real!” Amy has set a personal record earning $9,000 in one month with Reliv.

“I love the sense of purpose, freedom and flexibility I have as a Reliv distributor!” she says.

They marvel that you can do this business anywhere. “We started in Chicago, then built our primary network in Colorado,” Amy says. “When we decided to move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to be closer to family, we just picked up and took Reliv with us. It was a brand new market of people to help.”

The Thomas’ also stress persistence with the business and consistency with the products. “We are a lesson in persistence because reaching Ambassador was not a quick trip for us – it was a journey,” Mark says. “It’s important not to compare yourself to anyone else, just be authentic and run with it. Never give up.”

“Reliv has given us a lifestyle and income beyond our wildest dreams,” Amy adds. “We have traveled more than ever, and to places like Rome, the Bahamas and Jamaica. We have time to spend with family and have the means to send our son to a private Christian college. It’s hard to believe this is our life – but with Reliv it is.”

Advice to New Distributors

They sum up advice to others in two words. “Be teachable,” Amy says. “Follow people who have created the road to success and don’t veer from that road.”


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