Meet Our Ambassadors: Amanda and Mark Schwarz

SchwarzFamily2Expanding her “Why” leads to Presidential Director.

It was January 2007 when Bronze Ambassador Amanda Schwarz of Columbus, Nebraska, made the conscious decision to re-commit herself full-time to Reliv.
“I saw the company’s incredible potential for growth, and I wanted to be a part of it,” Amanda recalls. “More importantly, I knew there were a lot more people I still needed to reach out to with the products and opportunity.

“By the end of the year, I had doubled my income to $150,000, which included the $45,000 sponsoring bonus I earned by being fifth in the Mega Bonus promotion,” Amanda continues. “And in January 2008, I reached Presidential Director — all because I expanded my ‘why’ for doing Reliv.”

Expanding her “why” has been a key factor in Amanda’s success since starting her business six years ago. “I’ve always set goals for myself — with smaller, incremental achievements that build toward my longer-term goals,” Amanda states. “For example, while I’ve always envisioned being a Presidential Ambassador one day, my first goal was to walk away from corporate America and come home. And, even before I reached that goal, I was looking toward my next goal of replacing my income with Reliv.”

Detour Teaches Key Lesson

Amanda recalls a period of time when, between her fourth and fifth year with Reliv, she detoured off the path to Presidential. “I’d reached a point where it got easy to spend my whole day just taking care of my downline,” Amanda states. “And since I wasn’t personally sponsoring nearly enough people into the business, my own business stopped growing.

“It’s a constant challenge for me to remind myself daily to talk to new people,” Amanda adds. “But I know that by facing that challenge and doing three things — one, share Reliv with new people every day; two, help my customers and Distributors see the rewards of the Reliv lifestyle; and three, help my business-builders achieve their goals — I will be blessed at the highest level with Reliv!”

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