Meet Our Ambassadors: Alex and Sandie Sopko

Sandra, Sopko smallMy story: Reliving at any age.

Little did I know when Reliv came into my life 13 years ago at age 54, that it would change my life nutritionally and financially. By the time I turned 31, I was a mother of four, a working wife in the medical field and exhausted. My chronic fatigue and joint pain from 4 car accidents began to take its toll. The biggest problem came when I began to have severe digestive problems and loosing 30 pounds in one month. For the next 20 plus years I did everything to rebuild my health and found our family with over $50,000 in debt.

Thanks to Reliv our entire family has benefited, especially our grandson who was only four pounds at birth. Today, he is a 6”3”, 315 pound football player with college offers. I left the medial field at age 60 to be a part of what I call “Team Reliv” Helping others with their health and finances and offering the freedom to live life on their own terms. I give thanks every day for the blessing of answered prayers and the opportunity to reach out to others.

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