Meet Our Ambassadors: Albert and Rose Blancaflor

Dream come true.

When Silver Ambassadors Rose and Albert Blancaflor joined Reliv in 1993, they started with a dream to have each and every Filipino take the products and enjoy remarkable health. Rose’s mother who suffered a severe hip fracture had incredible results after taking the products, so the Blancaflors signed on as US Distributors, determined to share the good news of Reliv. In three months, Rose sold products worth $5,000 just sharing her mom’s experience. For seven years, she continued to retail the products, earning P15,000 a month.

When Reliv opened in the Philippines, Rose grabbed the opportunity to earn from Reliv’s five avenues of income. Three months later, Rose’s Reliv paycheck equaled Albert’s salary level that took 18 years of working as a corporate executive. Albert was soon as excited as Rose about the business. April of 2001, the Blancaflors became Presidential Bronze Ambassadors. They were both awed at the possibilities of success with Reliv.

In January 2005, Vice President of Sales Steve Hastings challenged Rose and Albert to travel with Reliv to Germany as Inner Circle members.

“We took Steve’s challenge and set our goals of getting to the Silver Ambassador level this year. We posted this goal on our mirror.” The Blancaflors consistently worked with their organization and made presentations with new people. “We tripled all our efforts and in March, two of our downlines were invited to become Reliv Ambassadors.”
Albert and Rose say that achieving the Silver Ambassador level is a great honor. “If you are dedicated to helping others reach their goals, the rewards are enormous.

“There is no reason to fail in the Reliv business. The products are effective, the compensation plan is second to none and the Reliv Success System has been proven. You just have to grab it when the opportunity comes your way.”