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Meet Our Ambassadors: Jeanne and George Blevins

Lifetime benefits started with a cruise.Blevins, George and Jeanne

Before Reliv, Jeanne Blevins of Marietta, GA, was facing numerous health challenges from the debilitating effects of Type I diabetes. Her health had taken a swift downturn leaving her with vision loss, neuropathy in her legs and feet, and high blood pressure. She was in bed a lot, depressed and exhausted.

To boost her spirits, George sent Jeanne to a mother’s conference in Dallas, TX. It was there that Jeanne met Doris Smith Leissing who introduced Jeanne to the Reliv products and the business. Five years later, Jeanne and her husband, George, are Silver Ambassadors and Inner Circle Members.

“Within four weeks on the products, I realized a significant increase in energy, “ Jeanne says. “I knew then I’d never go off the products and decided to do this as a business.”

Cruise Captures George’s Attention

Jeanne became a Master Affiliate in her first month in the business and soon went to the Reliv National Conference in Charlotte, NC. George wasn’t interested in the business at this time so Jeanne took their 19-year-old daughter, Joy. “Our daughter was on the edge of her seat with excitement at the conference,” Jeanne says. “When I saw her reaction, I asked God to show me that this was something that He wanted me to do. The defining moment for me was when I won the Caribbean Cruise promotion.”

“Winning the cruise caused me to check out the Reliv opportunity,” George says. “What I found was a way to build retirement income and to diversify our income.” George was soon as enthusiastic as Jeanne about the business. “Once we decided to do this, we gave it all of our energy. The opportunity for residual income benefits after six years in college and over 20 years in the real estate business are far superior with Reliv. Reliv puts us in a position to satisfy the two greatest needs people have today: health and making more money.”

Overcoming Your Fears and Learning to be Leaders Leads to Success
Some of the many Reliv benefits the Blevins mention include working together, the time to enjoy life, travel, friends they’ve made and the financial security they’ve found. “Reliv offers a perfect balance of family, work, and fun,” George says. “And we help people solve their health and financial problems. Reliv fosters an atmosphere where you have to reach out of yourself and help others grow. It nurtures good character.”

George says when he and Jeanne came into the business, they were determined to be teachable. “It just made sense to put aside our ideas to listen and learn the basics from the already successful, experienced Distributors. We became students of the business. Secondly, it takes two things to be successful: learning how to lead and overcoming your fears. Coupling these with daily consistency, determination and persistence works. We reached a six-figure income in three and a half years on a part-time basis by doing something positive in our business daily.”

He adds: “Reaching Inner Circle for us is a confirmation that what we have been taught works. Inner Circle is not a destination for us. On our way to Platinum Ambassador, we will reach Gold Ambassador. It is an honor to be a part of the process of introducing Reliv to the world and we are extremely grateful to Bob and Sandy Montgomery for giving us a business opportunity that has changed our lives.”

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