Meet Our Ambassadors: Rozanne and Cary Ritter

RitterAround the world with Reliv.

As a stay-at-home home schooling mother living in a small town, one might think Rozanne Ritter had a limited social circle. Not so, she’s happy to say. In fact, as Reliv Ambassadors, Rozanne and her husband, Cary, have contacts and friends all over the world.

The Ritters looked into Reliv nine years ago after hearing about it on the radio. Cary, a computer engineer, needed relief from hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue and allergies. And he and Rozanne had been looking for a business that they could do from home. Two months later, Cary’s health had improved dramatically.

Naturally cautious, Cary, started looking for the “catch” with the Reliv business. They had heard many stories and decided to send Cary to an international conference before he began seeing results with the products.

“I was resistant to go,” Cary admits, “but the experience changed our lives forever. I heard more stories and saw the integrity of this company. I was so excited on my way back home that I ended up sharing Reliv with a young man sitting next to me on the bus. Turns out he was the lieutenant governor of Alabama!”

The next Monday, the Ritters went Master Affiliate.

Says Rozanne, “We didn’t skyrocket like some with Reliv have. We kept saying to ourselves, ‘Just Don’t Quit.’ We knew if we stuck with it, we’d get where we wanted to go.”

Twenty-two months ago, Cary left his stressful corporate job and joined his wife in the business full time. As Rozanne puts it, “that opened the floodgates.”

They have the income they need and the freedom to travel, volunteer at their church, and work with Boy Scouts. Cary also coaches their daughter’s softball team.

“And with all of that, our Reliv business doesn’t suffer,” Cary says, pointing out another perk: “We’ve seen a lot of personal growth, for ourselves and others. Just watching people develop and reach their goals is very satisfying.”