Meet Our Ambassadors: Victoria and Rick Reid

Reid2Sharing the gift that is Reliv.

Victoria Reid, of Fox Chapel, Pennsylvania, knows she has been given a gift. “I was struggling with so many health problems,” Victoria says, “from fatigue and insomnia to heart palpitations and liver problems. I went through top hospitals for tests and scans, I was taking more than 20 supplements a day and was on an organic diet, but actually felt worse. An acquaintance introduced me to Reliv, I attended an event, and my life changed that day.”

“I started on the products and my energy and sense of well-being improved. I felt I was getting my life back as a wife and mother. I wanted Rick and the kids to begin the products, so I became a Master Affiliate, with no idea, really, of starting a business. But friends asked about my health, heard my story and wanted to try Reliv themselves. A business was born without expecting that to happen. After just one month, I went to a Conference in Atlanta and was called up for a $5,000 bonus – I was stunned!”

“Here I was, just trying to help other people, and being rewarded for that – it just blew me away! I began to see that I could impact thousands of people – that’s what drove me to take the time to invest in others, to help them with what they need in their lives. I felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. The fulfillment and purpose in my life is a great feeling. And anyone can succeed – be consistent, determined and keep moving forward. With the incredible Reliv system, we are all able to do that. My goal is to help 100,000 people, however long that takes. I want to help change lives, one person at a time.”

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