Meet Our Ambassadors: Ruby and Bill Ritchie

Ritchie20070615Stay-at-home mom lives new dream.

Ruby Ritchie, of Salinas, California, was getting along quietly. Husband Bill had retired from a military career and many years with the Postal Service and Ruby was dealing with serious back problems, when she got a phone call from her best friend from high school. “I got the products when Clara called me out of the blue,” Ruby says. “As a favor, I tried the products but told her to hold my check – I’d be asking for it back.”

Nine months later, Ruby was still taking the products faithfully and feeling great. Her results convinced her she was looking at a powerful business opportunity.

“I called Clara and we went to a presentation,” Ruby says, “I heard some stories and decided this is something I can do. I borrowed my husband’s credit card – without telling him – and signed up as a Master Affiliate. As I started sharing with friends and family, I made $500 and knew I needed to plug into the Reliv System. I took training in Pleasanton, then in San Jose and Clara and I began to build our businesses. We’d do special events at a hotel, potlucks, motivational meetings, and luncheons – anything to get things going.”

“In January 2007, I received a check for $6,300 and made Master Director,” Ruby says. “In February, I made Ambassador and in March, Bronze Ambassador. I worked from Sacramento to Stockton and decided to make Salinas into something big. I set goals, worked hard and committed to making it happen.”

Here husband, Bill, doesn’t mind that she borrowed his credit card. “He’s been very supportive,” she says. “He’s been willing to put off his fifth-wheel tour of America for a bit, so I can pursue my dream. It’s given me a purpose and has been a joy.”

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