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Meet Our Ambassadors: Roger and Pat Phillips

Phillips1Identifying a secure future.

Roger and Pat Phillips of Hudsonville, Michigan, are having a bit of an identity crisis lately. In four months time, they’ve catapulted from Senior Director to Master Director to Ambassador. And they won a $5,000 bonus in June.

The Phillips started with Reliv in 1995. Initially, they became Distributors because several family members were taking Reliv products for health problems. Soon they had a thriving business simply by sharing their health results with so many others. But the turning point in their business came after they attended their first conference in October 1995. They watched their income grow quickly and, less than a year later, Roger sold his pressure-filled garden center business to pursue a more financially secure retirement with Reliv.

Roger admits he had been building multiple layers of Distributors in his organization. The Phillips’ big business breakthrough came, however, when they started working more closely with Distributors they identified as business builders. “We went back to our Master Affiliates who had dropped and then to existing Master Affiliates who had to requalify,” Roger says. “We showed them the wisdom of building up their business before the new compensation plan went into effect. This move generated huge volume.”

The result was a $4,400 Generation Royalty check in June in addition to their $5,000 bonus. The Phillips total income for June was $15,000. At the recent conference in St. Louis, they were recognized with three Dr. Ted plaques and a Dr. Ted Humanitarian award.

“It’s important to convey to people exactly why we’re doing this business,” Roger adds. “A concrete reason — like building a secure retirement — has more of an impact than saying you just want to make a lot of money.”

The Phillips’ next plan of action is to reach even deeper into their organization and help others move up. “With the excitement over the products and the enhanced compensation plan, the next six months will be really fun,” Roger says. “Our ultimate goal is to achieve Presidential Ambassador by the end of the year.”

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