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Meet Our Ambassadors: Dr. Rod and Rosalind Porter

PorterResolved to share.

By “trusting the products and focusing on the business,” Rod and Rosalind Porter of Colorado Springs, CO, have built powerful momentum in their business and recently became Ambassadors with Reliv. The Porters are a prime example of the great things that happen as a result of leading with the Reliv business… and also what doesn’t happen when Distributors don’t share the whole Reliv story.

“I was introduced to the Reliv products by three different people over the course of ten years, none of whom shared the business opportunity,” Rosalind recalls. “Then, a year-and-a-half ago, a church member invited me to lunch and shared the business. I immediately joined with a Quick Start and, two weeks later, became a Master Affiliate.”

It was at a Reliv Conference a month later that Rosalind, a registered nurse and nurse consultant, met Rod, a semi-retired optometrist who’d recently become serious about building a Reliv business.

“I’d realized how, by focusing on helping people with the Reliv products and business opportunity, good things happen as a result,” recalls Rod, who married Rosalind nine months ago. “Now Ros and I are focused on building a business together by helping as many people with Reliv as possible.

“With our Reliv business as a supplemental income source, we’ve been able to expand our interest and efforts in the medical mission field,” Rod says. “Reliv also has given us the opportunity to build a residual income, which just isn’t possible with a conventional business.

“We feel honored to be a part of the Reliv Ambassador program,” Rod continues. “And we look forward to a future of traveling the world and helping as many people as we can achieve their own goals and dreams with Reliv.”

“Reliv is a wonderful story,” Rosalind adds. “And we all have a responsibility to share it with others.”

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