Meet Our Ambassadors: Richard and Linda Probst

Probst20070503Success at their own pace.

Richard and Linda Probst of Cincinnati, Ohio, first became Reliv Distributors in 1990. In October 2005, they reached Presidential Director status. “Our road to Presidential Director was a long and winding one,” Richard says. “It just shows how the Reliv System will work with you at your own pace.”

When Richard retired from the Air Force, he expected to enter the corporate world and work the same job until he retired. “The corporate world was so frustrating,” he says, “with downsizing, layoffs, and the inability to control hours and income. A few years ago, I had had enough and decided to commit myself to Reliv full-time.”

The key for the Probsts was never giving up. “We operated our Reliv business with varying levels of involvement for 15 years, but we never stopped,” Linda says. “And our organization continued to grow. We believed, and followed [Reliv Chairman, President and CEO] Bob Montgomery’s counsel that, ‘The only way to fail with Reliv is to quit.’

“Becoming Presidential Director is a dream realized,” Linda continues. “It means that we have affected hundreds of lives in a positive way. It also gives people in our organization hope that they can do it too — especially those people who might be taking a while to get there.”

The Probsts’ business has recently become a family affair with two of their children signing on as Distributors. “It’s been very special to work alongside our kids,” Richard says. “When I see how much Reliv has given us, I know there is hope for them to achieve their dreams, too.”

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