Meet Our Ambassadors: Marilyn and Ralph Pritchard

Team spirit alright.

“In 1993, we chose Reliv because we felt Reliv could give us lifestyle, freedom, income, fun with our family and good health and since that time Reliv has provided our full time income and more,” says Ambassadors, Marilyn and Ralph Pritchard of Ringwood, Victoria.
“The Reliv travel rewards alone have been life changing. Through consistently sharing Reliv, we’ve earned almost a trip each year to exotic locations in many countries including Rome, London, the United States, Bali, New Zealand, Fiji, South East Asia along with resorts within Australia such as Hamilton Island, Ayres Rock and Port Douglas.

“We’ve had our ups and downs, however we never lost sight of the big picture and our belief in the business and products was consistent.”

So consistent was their focus, that each year on stage at conference, they were amongst the top achievers, an example of the many lives they’ve touched.

“The goal to become Ambassadors took longer to achieve than first thought, however in the lead-up in the months prior to the 2008 Reliv National Conference we’d seen regular attendance at meetings on the increase,” says Marilyn. “Delighted to see our team winning and tasting success, we felt real team spirit emerging like a ground swell.

“At the conference, as we listened intently to the visiting guest speakers and built strong relationships with more of our interstate downline, we began to feel that this could be the right time for us! Then by helping our downline achieve their own goals it helped us achieve ours.”

“Goal setting for Dubai was an important part of achieving Ambassador level,” says Ralph. “We imagined the 38th floor of the Dubai tower and could really see ourselves there.”

“Our desire for this business has always been to help our people develop,” says Marilyn. “And through those efforts, our business would grow. Towards the end of our qualification period for Ambassador, our team’s desire for us to achieve this target really encouraged us, urging us on, until the goal was accomplished.

Our belief in Reliv nutrition has been unwavering. Thirty years ago we heard stories of our soils becoming depleted, pollution ruining the air we breathe and foods becoming less nutritious. For fourteen of those years we took 6 different vitamin tablets.

“When we commenced taking Reliv we experienced improvements we’d never felt in all those years. We knew we had found the best possible investment in our health – prevention from sickness.

“We’re thrilled to be included in the Ambassador team – a goal that has always been in our hearts – and we’re thankful for all the support from the wonderful people who make up our downline and upline.