Meet Our Ambassadors: Mary and Roger Rockwell

RockwellRogerMaryA business born from the heart.

Adding a business focus to their heartfelt desire to share Reliv has enabled Mary and Roger Rockwell of Coupeville, Washington, to achieve their dreams and, most recently, became Reliv Bronze Ambassadors.

“Everyone talks about what happens when Reliv goes from your head to your heart,” Mary states. “But, for us, it was when Reliv went from our heart to our head – and we realized that we could help so many more people by leading with the business – that our organization really took off.”

It was through a chance encounter at a hotel in nearby Spokane that the Rockwells first learned about Reliv back in March of 2003.

“We happened to be walking by the conference room where a Reliv Tuesday night meeting was being held,” Mary recalls. She adds that Roger insisted they check it out and, later, agreed that they would try the products for a month. “The only reason I agreed to take the products was to prove they didn’t work!

“Yet, after just three days, I slept through the night for the first time in months,” she recalls. “The acid reflux that was keeping me up subsided – along with my menopausal migraine headaches, carpal tunnel pain and fluctuations in my blood sugar. And Roger was helped with chronic neck and hip pain.”

Eager to share the products with others, the Rockwells began to plug into the Reliv System.

“We heard all these wonderful stories and met so many great people — ordinary people like us, doing extraordinary things with Reliv,” Mary says. “And we saw that the biggest thing we could do to be successful was to continue to share from our heart.

“After the ministry we were involved in was discontinued, we floundered around for several years – wondering what we were supposed to do with the rest of our life,” she continues. “Now here we are, both with only a high-school education, with real money in the bank and living a life of true purpose.”

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