Meet Our Ambassadors: Lois and Arch Redman

It’s life on the beach for Presidential Bronze Ambassadors.

Lois Redman never dreamed while working as an art teacher that one day she would quadruple her yearly income working less than a few fun hours each day. Nor could her husband, Arch, have imagined earning close to AU $10,000 a month after the exhausting 12-16 hour days and nights running his bakery. But that was before Reliv.

“Now we actually earn money while we sleep as our downline helps build our business in countries around the world,” Lois says happily. “Along with Reliv’s international expansion, our own business has grown globally.”

The Redmans of Queensland’s Mt. Coolum Shores, Australia, were in their 60s when they were introduced to Reliv. Now in their 70s, they earn more in a month with Reliv than their age pension would have paid in a year.

Lois adds, “And with the improved compensation plan and Ambassador bonuses, our income has been given an additional boost.”

Despite earning an incredible income and living an amazing lifestyle while semi-retired, Lois and Arch agree that the very best reward is being able to help others improve their health and lifestyle and still contribute to those less fortunate.

“Our personal mission is to take responsibility for our own health and financial well-being and to encourage and inspire others to do likewise,” the couple says.

Arch recalls that when Reliv began doing business in Australia, the company only offered one product. They were advised by Bronze Ambassador Mindy Jones to sponsor one Distributor a week and set a goal of 10 Master Affiliates at the onset.

“By listening to our upline and setting goals, we earned AU $10,000 a month within our first year,” Arch says. “We gained business momentum and took off like a runaway train.”

Lois adds, “Today, we live in a beachfront home we’ve built ourselves. Reliv has given us a retirement lifestyle better than we ever imagined.”

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