Meet Our Ambassadors: Larry and Boni Reber

ReberA priceless reward.

Some paychecks cannot be cashed at a bank, but they are a treasure all the same. Ambassadors Larry and Boni Reber, of St. George, Utah, are still feeling rich from the phone call they received from a close friend of theirs. The man was crying and thanking them for bringing his wife back to health.

All the Rebers had done was to share Reliv with the couple, hoping it would help the woman, whose body was shutting down before she started taking the products.

“I don’t know of any other company that can help people like Reliv does,” says Larry, who is still in awe of his own results and the amazing business he and Boni have built.

Larry learned about Reliv from a friend, Reliv Gold Ambassador Jerry Foote, in 2003. At the time, Larry was out of hope. A rare form of rheumatoid arthritis had plagued him all his life, but the severe joint pain had reached new heights. Already taking the maximum amount of medication possible, Larry was still in pain and depressed. His business as a landscape designer was suffering, too.

At first, Larry rejected his friend’s suggestion, but was haunted by the reply: “What if the products work?”

Today, Larry and Boni are thankful for that “what if.” After three months on the products, Larry was pain-free. At ten months, he found himself running in the St. George marathon, a huge victory.

“Everybody who witnessed my dramatic comeback wanted to know about the products. Our business began to grow and it continues to enrich our lives and bless those with whom we share this opportunity.”

Adds Boni, “In the beginning, Reliv saved us financially month in and month out. With Reliv, there’s a sense of reassurance you have knowing that finances will never again be an issue. We are ordinary people making extraordinary income.”

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