Meet Our Ambassadors: Lana Petrunin

Petrunin2A business built through trust.

Bronze Ambassador Lana Petrunin of Dallas, Texas, isn’t in the Reliv business for herself. A medical and naturopathic doctor with her own busy practice, Lana views her success with Reliv as the natural outcome of a group effort to help others.
“I’ve been blessed with an organization of people who truly enjoy making a difference in people’s lives and are committed to achieving their goals with Reliv,” states Lana, who has built a strong business that has steadily grown over time, and a Reliv income that hasn’t wavered below $4,000 a month since she became an Ambassador seven months ago.

“If Reliv were any other business, I wouldn’t be doing it,” Lana adds. “I am with Reliv because of the effectiveness of the products and the stability and integrity of the company and management team.”

Lana’s commitment to Reliv didn’t happen overnight. It grew over time – as she, her family and, eventually, her patients continued to achieve “amazing results” with the products.

“With my reputation and the trust of my patients at stake, I was very slow to try the products,” she recalls.

“I’m so grateful to [Bronze Ambassador] Alem Feleke and [Double Platinum Ambassadors] Raul and Aurora Parades for not giving up on me,” Lana continues. “They were persistent, yet patient – allowing me the time and freedom I needed to first make up my own mind about Reliv, and then rearrange my schedule and become teachable.”

Lana now plans to continue her steady journey toward Presidential Director and to bring as many people along with her as she possibly can.

“I’m looking forward to all of us growing in our businesses together,” she says. “My goal is simple: to continue helping others with their health and finances – and to grow steadily, along with others within my organization who share this same goal.

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