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Meet Our Ambassadors: Julie Sanders

PayinSanders, Julie smallg it forward.

“You owe it to yourself to check this out.” That’s what Ambassador Julie Sanders, of Dodge City, Kansas, says to people about the company that changed things dramatically for her and her children.

“Reliv is offering a life that we never imagined,” she says. “It makes you want to spend the rest of your life paying it forward.”

Like many large families, the Pfannenstiels were struggling to make ends meet, despite lots of hard work. Julie taught school full time and worked two, sometimes three, part-time jobs.

To add to the stress, Julie had suffered for years with debilitating fibromyalgia. Most days, she needed help to get dressed. Julie had tried all kinds of medicines, herbs, and supplements, but nothing worked. Naturally, she was skeptical when her mother told her about Reliv.

The Reliv stories Julie was hearing were convincing, though. She tried the products, got amazing results and found herself just as intrigued by Reliv’s business opportunity.

“I’d watched my kids grow up in daycare. I was excited about the possibility of working from home,” she recalls. “Now, I’m a stay-at-home mom. But I work really hard at this business. I talk to people about Reliv all day long. Now I can do it around my family’s activities. If you work hard with Reliv, you will be compensated.”

After 19 months in the business, Julie still finds herself in awe of the things she is able to do for her family with an $8,000 monthly income from Reliv.

“My kids are going to get to do some things that we never would have even considered before,” she adds.

Julie finds she is getting just as much joy paying it forward.

“It’s fun to watch people dream again,” she says. “I love having people stop by our house to tell us about their results with this product.”

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