Meet Our Ambassador: JonJulienne Peters

From Japan to Reliv and success.

For JonJulienne Peters, the path to success through Reliv has taken the long way around. “Dennis was an itinerant missionary; I met him when he spoke at a Bible School here in Sacramento,” JonJulienne explains. “We began corresponding and married a year later. We moved to Japan, where we pastored churches for 17 years.

“I became very ill,” JonJulienne continues, “and my health declined so much we had to return home. Doctors said my body was shutting down. My husband was preaching in Texas when a friend of a friend introduced me to Reliv.
“I was very skeptical, with my background in nutrition, but I started to use the Reliv products,” JonJulienne notes. “I was totally bedridden, but began to see remarkable progress, and as friends asked, ‘why the change?’ I saw the opportunity.

“I began to share my own health success story and that led to our business just exploding,” JonJulienne says. “At the 2006 International Conference, the heart of Reliv was really exposed. I just ‘got it’ and connected myself to a lot of top leaders and asked for their guidance. It just kind of took off from there.

“Dennis has been very busy with his ministry to the Japanese, but has always been supportive. This past year, he has become much more involved, and we work more and more as a team,” JonJulienne says. “We plan on going back to Japan every year now, for ministry, thanks to our success with Reliv.”

“For me,” JonJulienne concludes, “the keys are to be teachable, to not come into Reliv with any preconceived ideas, and to share the passion. Understand the heart of Reliv, the power of prayer and plug into your up-line. It’s a character-building business.”

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