Meet Our Ambassadors: Jeff and Kim Peters

PetersA business of relationships.

When Bronze Ambassadors Jeff and Kim Peters of Frisco, Texas were first introduced to Reliv, they had no intention of becoming Distributors. Although Jeff had experienced remarkable health benefits, long hours at their construction business and part-time Christian counseling ministry left no time for anything else. Thanks to the continued encouragement from a friend, however, they became Master Affiliates in June 2004.

“We see Reliv as an extension of our Christian counseling ministry. It has equipped us to help people physically and financially as well as emotionally and spiritually,” Jeff says. “It’s just passing on good news,” Kim adds.

But it wasn’t until September 2005 that the Peters’ business really took off. The first friend they introduced to Reliv took it to Guam and helped many customers get incredible results. She asked the Peters to help her take the next step and develop the Reliv System on Guam.
In just seventeen days, the Peters and their upline spoke to more than 400 people! They conducted meetings in restaurants, hotels, homes, under carports, and in the mayor’s council. When the dust settled, Guam added 14 new Master Affiliates and hundreds of customers.

“We realize now that what happened in Guam could happen anywhere that people have a heart to help others and are willing to take massive action to share the good news of Reliv.”

Now the Peters are reaping the benefits of their efforts: the “heart checks” for helping change people’s lives, bonuses, trips, early retirement from construction, and a life of “Reliving”. It doesn’t get much better.

“Reliv has given us more than we ever dreamed we could have at this point in our lives,” Kim says. “And the incredible friends we have made are the best part. It really is a business of relationships.”

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