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Meet Our Ambassadors: Janelle and Dennis Richmeier

Richmeier20070615Making dreams come true.

Timing is everything. Bronze Ambassador Janelle Richmeier of Wichita, Kansas, used Reliv products for two years before she realized the true potential of the Reliv business opportunity. Then, in 2004, it hit her.

“The business kind of fell into my lap with a growing number of people who wanted the products,” Janelle explains. “I had a gradual realization of what the business could be.”

It took her husband, Dennis, a little longer to catch the vision. But when he saw the “Dream Big” DVD and several articles about the company in Success from Home magazine last year, his eyes opened wide. “That turned him around,” Janelle explains. “He saw what others were saying about the business and it hit him that this was real.”

Janelle built her successful business using all elements of the Reliv System. “You have to be faithful to the Tuesday meetings and Saturday trainings and the calls,” Janelle advises. “And never give up. The calls and meetings give people hope of what their business can be.”

She has stuck with the business because she loves to see others be successful. “Lots of people in our organization were financially strapped ,but I’ve seen how Reliv turned their lives around and how they’ve grown. It keeps me going.”

Reliv is changing Janelle’s life, too. “Thanks to Reliv, we’re going to Walt Disney World®,” she says. “It’s a dream come true. Our three kids are so excited. I’m a stay-at-home mom and my husband is a commercial pilot. We always had a budget, but now I feel like I have ‘play’ money. Reliv is allowing us to do what we want, travel more, and make bigger memories for our kids.”

Janelle’s next goal is to be Presidential Director and to help more people make it to the Ambassador level. “I never thought I would be an Ambassador — I didn’t think I could do it,” she admits. “But Reliv grows you and makes you stronger and more confident. Reliv has given us a sense of wellness, hope for continued good health and financial freedom beyond imagining.”

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