Meet Our Ambassadors: James “Clint” and Connie Pruett

PruettHelping from the heart.

James “Clint” and Connie Pruett, Ambassadors from Carrollton, Texas, say they don’t do anything without praying about it first. And knowing what they knew about the power of the Reliv products, they came to a prayerful, but firm conclusion: “We felt we had a moral obligation to share these products and this opportunity with people,” Clint says. “The Reliv stories we had heard were incredible.”

Clint and Connie had no reason not to believe the stories since their own results were amazing. Clint had tried salves, medicine, and just about everything to relieve severe itching on his legs as a result of candida. He had scratched so hard that he developed open sores that become infected. Three days on the products and Clint’s legs healed. Three weeks later, the itching was gone. His results with seasonal allergies, acid reflux, and fatigue prompted Clint to stay on the products. Connie’s results with anemia, low thyroid, dry eye, and high cholesterol also improved.

The Pruett’s soon discovered that Reliv had an answer for their financial need as well. If they wanted to retire with some comfort, the two were advised that they would have to save an extra $1,000 each month. That was going to be very hard to do for both, despite their professions –Clint, an insurance underwriter and Connie, a manager for a high-rise commercial property.

They earned almost $1,000 with Reliv in March of 2004, their first month as Distributors, and have gone much higher since. In the first four months of 2005 alone, they made more than $20,000 and qualified as Ambassadors. Clint does Reliv full-time now and the plan is to bring Connie home also.

“We know that God has led us to do this business,” Clint says. “We have always had a place in our hearts to help other people and Reliv has allowed us to help many.”

“Yes, it requires effort,” Connie adds. “But when you are passionate about something, it’s easy to remember why you are doing it.”

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