Meet Our Ambassadors: Dolores and Roger Poulin

PoulinTouching lives, sharing dreams.

Ambassador Dolores Poulin, of Papillion, Nebraska, was looking for increased energy when she decided to try Reliv products. After a few months, she found not only increased energy, but also improved quality of sleep and relief from borderline anemia.

Dolores, a nurse, was intrigued. “I kept asking myself, ‘How can the powder in this can be causing the changes that are happening with my body?’ I wanted to know more about the science behind the product and additional information about the company.”

After attending an opportunity meeting, she and her husband, Roger, decided they would go into the business part-time, working it around her nursing career. Dolores says her nursing background was beneficial to building her business.

“Reliv just reinforces what I’ve known all along as a nurse,” she says. “If you get the right nutrition into your body, good things will happen. And my belief in the product helped from a credibility standpoint as well. Because I’m a nurse, people are more trusting regarding product safety.”

With Roger’s support, Dolores built the business on a part-time basis. She’s been full-time for nearly two years now and the flexibility and financial gains have surpassed their expectations. The couple was able to retire early and add to their savings.

The Poulins have experienced some major life challenges in recent years, but their Reliv business was well established. Says Dolores, “We’ve had to cut back some on our work, but our income has only increased. That’s because we had a great foundation set, excellent leadership and a strong organization.

“Our job is to help others fall in love with Reliv and work with them to reach their goals,” she continues. “We have been gifted with the opportunity to touch people’s lives in ways we never dreamed possible and have formed lasting friendships simply by sharing Reliv.”

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