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Meet Our Ambassadors: Camilo Ramirez

Reliv is my dream job.

Bronze Ambassador Camilo Ramirez of Sioux, City, Iowa, gave notice at his job as a furniture salesman after just fifteen days of taking Reliv products.

“People told me I was crazy,” Camilo says. “But my results with these products were so life-changing that I knew I could do this. When I saw the opportunity with Reliv, I could see a different future for myself.”

Camilo had suffered from rheumatoid arthritis since he was a child, and had resigned himself to taking large quantities of ibuprofen each day to keep the pain at bay. But after four days on the products, he started feeling so much better that he gave the business opportunity a serious look.

“My health results really opened my eyes,” he says. “My life changed. I put my trust in this company because they make a promise and then come through.”

Camilo joined at the Master Affiliate level. By his fourth month in the business, he was a Senior Director, earning the $2,500 bonus and two trips. After 15 months, he made Bronze Ambassador.

“The key to success with Reliv is helping the people you invite into the business. If you give them a hand, then they will be successful and so will you,” says Camilo, who is very comfortable approaching people.

“I talk to every single person I see,” he says. “I tell people at the grocery store, at the laundry, everywhere I go, about the results I’ve had with Reliv. I wouldn’t really call this work.”

Camilo hopes to apply his increasing Reliv earnings to buy another car and to pay off his two houses. He also wants to travel the world to share Reliv with others.

“In the beginning, I thought this was all too good to be true, but I’m so happy to be with this company,” he adds. “I’ve had a lot of help from my upline and others, and I’m very grateful. I’m so happy to be part of the Reliv family.”

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