Meet Our Ambasadors: Mary and Michael Peters

Peters2(1)Putting family first.

Fourteen years ago, Ambassador Mary Peters from Lombard, IL would never have dreamed of the life she now lives. She may have even been skeptical of her future career.

“I never knew anyone who made any money in network marketing. I never thought you could actually make any money in a home-based business,” says Mary. “But now I know this is real!”

Mary was working as a nurse, but the long hours were not ideal for raising her seven children. She used Reliv as a side business for some supplemental income until her youngest child started kindergarten. Then she began to focus on Reliv full-time.

“Now we are free from credit card debt, and we can even afford extras for our children like braces,” she says. “When we needed a new car, we didn’t have to worry about how we would afford it.”

A Business That Fits Your Life


What Mary loves most about her Reliv business is the flexibility to be with her children. “My family’s needs come first, and my business comes second. With Reliv, I am able to make my family my priority.” In fact, Mary says her business has been so flexible that she can even make phone calls while her children participate in sports. “I actually made money while watching my son’s track meet the other day!”

Mary is committed to soon enabling her husband retire early. She is also committed to providing help to others, “I want to continue to provide hope to families that have none by showing them that they can do this business around any situation in life. I take the Ambassador level very seriously, and I am honored to represent Reliv.”

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