Meet Our Ambassadors: Vohn and Tami Martineau

Martineau20070607A special passion for helping others.

Vohn and Tami Martineau of Gilbert, Arizona, are enjoying the financial rewards of their Reliv success. But for Tami, the greater reward is emotional. “My big thing is helping families with special needs,” Tami says. “We have a special needs child and he now has a better quality of life because of Reliv. We want to pass that blessing along to as many families as possible. The entire family is affected when there is a special needs child.

Tami says her recent Ambassador achievement is proof that the Reliv products, and the opportunity, work. “People are receiving not just tremendous health benefits but also the chance to create willable income,” she says. “Our income will continue to grow and will always be there for our son. That’s a safety net that means a great deal to us. Sharing that blessing with other special needs families is what drives me.”

And the “secret” to the Martineau’s success? “You need long-term vision,” Tami says. “I would tell Vohn that I knew where Reliv was going. I could see it, even when it hadn’t happened for me yet. I have been able to fit at least five things into every day that would bless my business – that’s not always easy with five children at home. But if you can be consistent and not quit, you will succeed.

“Now that our home environment is so much better than it’s ever been, now that our house is in order, we have something to give,” Tami adds. “When I look at my paycheck, I see lives that have changed. Seeing that potential, I would not let anybody rob me of my dreams. People have said ‘it can’t be done.’ I say ‘just watch me!’”

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