Meet Our Ambassadors: Vernon and Fannie Kinsinger

Bronze Ambassadors Vernon and Fannie Kinsinger didn’t set out to reach this level when they first became Reliv Distributors.

“Reliv gave me my wife back,” says Vernon. After suffering for years with headaches, proper nutrition gave Fannie a new outlook. “We were so amazed at the results on these products,” says Vernon.

When the tough economy slowed their woodworking business, the Kinsingers knew where to turn for income. “I knew a lot about the products from my own success, but I didn’t know anything about the business side of Reliv,” says Fannie. But after seeing the results firsthand, the couple knew that they had a product worth sharing with others. “After I saw results, I couldn’t keep quiet about it! Even before we started the business, we were already telling others about how great the products were.”


“The income has been wonderful for helping us make payments while the woodworking business is slower, but most of all, we just want to help people. We just focus on helping people get what they want, and when they see results, they share it with their friends,” says Vernon. “We’ve made a lot of friends through Reliv,” adds Fannie.


“People come back to thank us for Reliv,” says Vernon. Reaching the Ambassador level means they’ve helped many people, he explains. In the past five months, the couple has focused more on helping their downline to succeed.


The income has helped the Kinsingers to expand their living space to accommodate their six children. “Our family kept growing, but the house didn’t,” says Vernon. However, with income from Reliv, the Kinsingers were recently able to put an addition onto their house.


The Kinsingers look forward to a financially secure future with Reliv. Vernon says, “Our future looks brighter now. We just want to keep on helping people, and keep on climbing the ladder!”