Meet Our Ambassadors: Valerie and Doug Opie

Boosting business by phone.

For two years, Valerie Opie of Mesa, Arizona, had a stable Reliv business, making about $2,500 each month. She was bringing guests to Tuesday night opportunity meetings yet she was frustrated at being “stuck” at Senior Director.

A breakthrough came in December 2001 when she incorporated another part of the Reliv Success System into her business: the Thursday night conference call and Ambassador calls. “It made it easier for me as a mom of eight kids to do more business by phone,” Valerie says. “In three months, my income jumped from $2,500 to $4,000 in Royalties each month. In April 2002, I became an Ambassador. Now I teach new people to use the System the same way and have built my Royalty income to $8,000 per month.”

Another boost came after Valerie set her 2003 goals in January. “I made a renewed effort to help people reach their goals,” she says. “If you help Distributors get what they want, you’ll get what you want, too.” The result: Valerie and husband Doug are new Presidential Directors.

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