Meet Our Ambassadors: Tom and Susan McConnell

McConnellThe power of YES.

Reliv Bronze Ambassadors Tom and Susan McConnell, of Gaston, Indiana, had already agreed that they would NOT try another multi-level marketing business. They’d been down that road already a few times and got nothing from it but debt.

But Reliv was different. “We got results,” says Susan, who learned about the products nine years ago from a doctor. Susan, a former art teacher, had been plagued with tension headaches and migraines for years.

“When she ran out of headaches, I had to take a second look,” adds Tom, who experienced relief with a herniated disk.

“We knew we had to look into this business,” Susan says. “I didn’t want to be without this product, and I had friends that suffered with migraines worse than mine.”

They came in as Master Affiliates the last day of September, and in October earned $3,700 their first full month in the business, which included two bonuses.

Despite the usual start-up fear of a new adventure, they forged ahead, and eight months later established a System in their area. Three years later, Bob and Kathy Blume joined them and made Ambassador, an achievement that elevated the McConnell’s to Bronze.

Says Tom, “When I look around the room on a Tuesday night and I see people who were suffering, and I see all the wonderful ways Reliv has changed lives, I ask myself, ‘What would have happened to these people if I had said NO?’ With Reliv, we get the chance to help friends, neighbors, and people we don’t even know.”

The McConnell’s also have freedom they never imagined possible. Susan’s rediscovering her passion for playing the violin and Tom realized his dream of deep-sea fishing when they earned a Reliv trip to Florida.

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