Meet Our Ambassadors: Steve and Lavonne Oswald

Oswald20070417Free at last.

For Lavonne Oswald, a Presidential Bronze Ambassador in Mitchell, South Dakota, the upcoming Reliv trip to Disney World Resort gave her a reason to work even harder to reach Presidential.

“I wanted to earn that trip so that I could take all my children and grandchildren along with me,” she says.

For Lavonne and her family, such luxuries as deluxe family vacations were never an option before Reliv. “We’ve always been limited by our finances,” she says. “And we’ve always lived with debt — which became a bigger concern the closer we got to retirement.”

Lavonne, a registered nurse, was looking for a business when she joined Reliv in February of 2004. She worked Reliv along with her part-time nursing job until she was downsized two years ago.

Blessings Galore

“Being downsized was a blessing because it freed me to focus on Reliv full-time,” she says. “In 2005, my first full-time year in Reliv, I earned $70,000, and last year, I earned $93,000,” Lavonne notes. “I love the raises at Reliv!”

The income is just one of the many things Lavonne loves about Reliv. “The personal growth I’ve experienced as a Reliv business builder has been a wonderful added blessing,” she cites. “And I can’t say enough about the quality and integrity of the people of Reliv. It is the people, and their commitment to improving the lives of others, that make Reliv the incredibly special company that it is.

“After 35 years of punching a clock and working nights, weekends and holidays under the dictates of a boss, I’m now free to live according to my own priorities,” Lavonne continues. “And I’m so excited about the opportunity to help more people who’ve struggled all their lives to achieve their own dreams of financial freedom.”

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