Meet Our Ambassadors: Sheila and Norm Karsevar

KarsevarA Reliv love match.

For Bronze Ambassadors Sheila and Norm Karsevar, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, Reliv is their business and a way of life, one that they are building and enjoying together.

“Reliv is just part of us,” Norm says. “The people we know and meet are going to find out about this amazing way to achieve their dreams.”

Norm admits that when he met Sheila in March 2003, he wasn’t looking for a supplement or a business. He was a college basketball coach, and a healthy one at that.

“It was pretty clear after that first date with Sheila, that I was going to have to try Reliv in order to get a second date,” he jokes.

By then, it had been eight years since Sheila’s passion for Reliv eclipsed her former careers in real estate and marketing. She still remembers vividly her initial impressions of the company that changed her life.

“I thought, ‘This is so simple.’ If everything I was hearing was true, the sky was the limit,” Sheila says.

Attending a conference early on sealed her commitment. “I saw the reality of Reliv. I saw real people who cared about other people,” she explains.

It didn’t take long for Sheila to share that reality with Norm, who started taking the products and found results with sleep disorders. A few months later, the two were married and Norm seriously contemplated joining his wife in the business.

“If I was going to leave something I loved, it was going to have to be for something else extraordinary,” Norm says. “My friends and colleagues from all over the country thought I was crazy to leave coaching, but I haven’t looked back. Working together has been incredible.”

Sheila agrees. “With Reliv, we have such a precious gift,” she says. “We meet people every single day who are trying to achieve a better lifestyle.”

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