Meet Our Ambassadors: Ron Moore

RonMoore2Reliv was a lifeline for new Presidential Director.

New Presidential Director Ron Moore of Lacey, Washington, describes his life before Reliv as a train wreck.
“I was in my late 40s with ruined credit from a failed business and living in a dying town. I owed $4,500 each month before groceries and had lost my 40-year retirement,” he says. “The stress compounded complications of severe symptoms with adult-onset diabetes.”

A friend called Ron and asked him to look at Reliv. “After the presentation, it was like I’d discovered a gold mine,” Ron says. “I was a salesman by trade, but I had to learn how to serve rather than sell.”

In February 2001, Ron scraped up the money to become a Master Affiliate and in three weeks time, had earned his investment back with a profit. In three months, he became a Key Director. The following December he doubled his income and by March 2002, had doubled it again.

“In 14 months, I was an Ambassador making more than $6,000 a month in all forms of income,” Ron says.

The amazing part of Ron’s story is that, in his first year, he could only work Reliv from 7-9 p.m. “My sponsors taught me how to work this business and duplicate,” he explains. “If you work hard and use the Reliv System, you can accomplish anything.

“Today I’m grateful that Reliv enabled me to replace the retirement I had lost within the first year,” Ron adds. “I am living a wonderful lifestyle and creating a legacy that will exist long after I’m gone.”

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